Our Days

The latest staff lowdown

We were very excited to launch our new book bags, these promote the partnership between the Pre-school and home and are a brilliant way to communicate with parents, alongside the daily face to face conversations.

Claire, our SENco, attended an online course entitled ‘understanding and supporting children in early years settings with communication and interaction difficulties’. This was delivered by the Wiltshire Early Years inclusion advisers. There were lots of useful learning points including – How to develop social skills ready for school, strategies to access and improve spoken language (expressive language) and fun ways to support all our children develop their listening, understanding, attention, social interaction and speaking skills.

This is particular relevant at this time due to the Pandemic. We have fed this information back to parents using the new book bag system.

What I’ve loved about pre school this week….. from our children

We decorated our Pre-school Christmas tree!

We started our Pre-school advent calendar, I picked out a present to take home!

I made Olaf from frozen!

We decorated our post box with lots of glitter so we can send Christmas cards to our friends!

We started practising our songs for the Christmas show!